About Us


We promote the social and emotional health of Hawai`i’s youngest by building commitment and capacity to foster nurturing relationships, through partnerships, public education, professional training and advocacy.

FINAL Hawaii Association for Infant Mental Health Brochure 2016-1 Download

Primary Goals and Activities

  • Promote the understanding of the nature and importance of first relationships in social and emotional development in the first years of life.
  • Build collaborations by identifying and bringing people together working to strengthen early relationships to share information, ideas and efforts to promote the purpose.
  • Provide education to the general public and policy makers about the emotional needs of young children.
  • Provide and coordinate state of the art interdisciplinary training of service providers to enhance holistic and comprehensive interventions.
  • Promote best practices by identifying, synthesizing, and disseminating research and information of best and promising practices; and convening discussions of community and culturally-based innovations.
  • Advocate for services and promote the development and sustainability of a continuum of evidence-based early childhood services.

Core Values

  • To conduct all activities in the context of fostering positive relationships
  • To seek and listen to the voice of the parents, caregivers, and children
  • To access the wealth of cultural wisdom in the community

We seek to carry out our mission by engaging colleagues as members and partners.  We intend to create a forum for those interested in emotional development of young children to come together for mutual support and to engage in achieving the mission.

We look forward to including you as a member or partner of First Relationships. Join us!